Happy New Year

Well it’s been a while since my last blog, so time to update on the latest weather over Dartmoor.

Last December was my second wettest month at Haytor since I started recording in 2003. I collected 408 mm which was only surpassed in Nov 2009 with 418 mm. The rain has certainly been extremely heavy. Our local river Lemon flooded 3 times in two weeks and on 23rd Dec Postbridge collected 156 mm of rain in 24 hours. Every path coming down from Haytor Rocks that day was a fast flowing stream. Last Sunday I was walking near Hexworthy and just made it over the stepping stones at Week Ford. I was astonished to see a watermark at 8 feet high from when the Dart was in flood!

So, has this stormy wet weather finally come to an end? Well the polar vortex has now split, one half has drifted south into the States giving them severe cold and the other half is making its way down into northern Russia. Incidentally Siberia, Russia and Scandinavia have had an unprecedented mild December. The jetstream is weakening and we have seen the last of the rapidly deepening Atlantic storms. However, we have not seen the end of the rain. In fact later in the weekend, especially on Sunday into Monday, rain systems could well end up over the UK as slow moving features exacerbating the flooding risk. During next week there are now clear signs that the weather is set to turn colder for the second half of January with strengthening easterly winds possible.

So on that potentially snowy note all that remains is for me to say Happy New year!