Our climate has already changed

This is not a blog about Climate Change per se as I do not get into such debates. I accept that the world has undoubtedly warmed in the past 100 years. However, have you all noticed the weird weather which is occurring more frequently in the past 5 years? As a meteorologist I remain amazed at some of the weird weather charts that keep cropping up, the clincher for me was the recent tornado outbreak in the States. Although not unprecedented, it was a Spring situation occurring in November with terrible consequences. The Phillipine typhoon was unfortunate in that it made landfall at its strongest, but they don’t normally do that? Was that just unlucky – maybe, but in the context of other world weather events, maybe not. Now, over the Atlantic the weather chart to me looks “weird” and some forecast charts even weirder with tropical systems moving north meeting unusually widespread (for the time of year) very cold air in the Arctic. It is my view that Climate Change is happening right here, right now, not in the future.¬† What does this mean for our weather on Dartmoor? To be honest I don’t really know! However, it could mean that we will have a benign winter, possibly even record breaking dryness, but more likely we will have to remain alert to the real possibility of some extreme weather which may be in the form of floods, violent¬† storms or heavy disruptive snowfalls.¬† We could be in for a rough ride. Stay tuned.