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Hair ice?

Well we have at last enjoyed a bit of sunshine recently, giving us a bit of a break from the relentless wet weather. With clearer skies we also get colder nights of course, providing the opportunity for some interesting frost formations. These pictures of “hair ice” were recently sent in to me from Ashley in Throwleigh. The photos were taken last Saturday 18th January at the National Trust car park in Postbridge. I must say that I am unsure as to why ice formed on this particular branch, so if anyone has any ideas then please e-mail me!

hair_ice_1 Hair_ice_2

Introduction to the site

Hi, on this blog I intend to talk about upcoming or present interesting weather on Dartmoor. It might be about heavy snow, torrential rain, heatwaves or just some unusual facts. Hope you enjoy it! Although I have disabled the comment facility, you are very welcome to comment on any article by e-mailing me on . You can also subscribe to this blog and hopefully then be informed when new articles appear. Please use the categories (selected at bottom) to navigate/select articles.